notxkcd bulk snotxkcd rgb.txt jacqueminotMaerz & Paul forget-me-notMaerz & Paul seasan not seasandMaerz & Paul

snot greenxkcd rgb.txt snotxkcd bulk pinotxkcd bulk lover's notePlochere lover's knotPlochere cannotxkcd bulk notbluexkcd bulk nothingxkcd bulk not mexkcd bulk not redxkcd bulk not surexkcd bulk not navyxkcd bulk not nicexkcd bulk not limexkcd bulk not coolxkcd bulk not bluexkcd bulk not cyanxkcd bulk not pinkxkcd bulk not tealxkcd bulk not muchxkcd bulk forget-me-not blueColor Standards & Nomenclature forgetmenotxkcd bulk jacqueminotISCC via not blackxkcd bulk guess notxkcd bulk not whitexkcd bulk not greenxkcd bulk not beigexkcd bulk not funnyxkcd bulk not tubbyxkcd bulk not brownxkcd bulk not yelloxkcd bulk not againxkcd bulk not yellowxkcd bulk not purplexkcd bulk not a cluexkcd bulk not orangexkcd bulk not violetxkcd bulk not reallyxkcd bulk not-purplexkcd bulk not salmonxkcd bulk not prettyxkcd bulk not magentaxkcd bulk not fuchsiaxkcd bulk not a colorxkcd bulk i guess notxkcd bulk not a colourxkcd bulk not appealingxkcd bulk not chartreusexkcd bulk Forget-Me-NotSherwin Williams light forget-me-not blueColor Standards & Nomenclature Notable HueSherwin Williams not so bluexkcd bulk do not knowxkcd bulk not so greenxkcd bulk not as greenxkcd bulk i try not toxkcd bulk not hot pinkxkcd bulk forget me notName That Color not so purplexkcd bulk grey not grayxkcd bulk not-quite-redxkcd bulk still not redxkcd bulk not so prettyxkcd bulk not so brightxkcd bulk not very nicexkcd bulk not very bluexkcd bulk i do not knowxkcd bulk forget me notxkcd bulk not quite redxkcd bulk forget-me-notxkcd bulk not dark bluexkcd bulk forget-me-notISCC via not quite cyanxkcd bulk not quite limexkcd bulk not quite bluexkcd bulk not quite pinkxkcd bulk not quite grayxkcd bulk not-quite-aquaxkcd bulk not this againxkcd bulk not quite tealxkcd bulk not quite navyxkcd bulk not-quite-grayxkcd bulk not quite goldxkcd bulk not very greenxkcd bulk not quite brownxkcd bulk not another onexkcd bulk not blue enoughxkcd bulk not really bluexkcd bulk not a damn cluexkcd bulk not quite blackxkcd bulk blue not brightxkcd bulk not happy greenxkcd bulk not quite olivexkcd bulk not quite greenxkcd bulk not-quite-whitexkcd bulk not quite whitexkcd bulk not forest greenxkcd bulk not-quite-purplexkcd bulk not quite purplexkcd bulk not quite indigoxkcd bulk not green enoughxkcd bulk not quite salmonxkcd bulk not quite orangexkcd bulk not quite maroonxkcd bulk almost not greenxkcd bulk almost not therexkcd bulk not quite yellowxkcd bulk not black enoughxkcd bulk not exactly bluexkcd bulk not really greenxkcd bulk does not computexkcd bulk not quite fuchsiaxkcd bulk it's not a colourxkcd bulk not barney purplexkcd bulk not quite seafoamxkcd bulk not another greenxkcd bulk not quite lavenderxkcd bulk not quite burgundyxkcd bulk that's not a colorxkcd bulk seasan not seasandISCC via definitely not tealxkcd bulk not quite turquoisexkcd bulk black (not a color)xkcd bulk more snotxkcd bulk neon snotxkcd bulk icky snotxkcd bulk pale snotxkcd bulk hopefully not cheesexkcd bulk not quite chartreusexkcd bulk light snotxkcd bulk pinot noirxkcd bulk snot-greenxkcd bulk snot greenxkcd bulk green snotxkcd bulk snot greeenxkcd bulk pickle snotxkcd bulk snot yellowxkcd bulk cartoon snotxkcd bulk dark nothingxkcd bulk green (snot)xkcd bulk lover's knotISCC via lover's noteISCC via notebook greenxkcd bulk forgetmenot bluexkcd bulk not so hot pinkxkcd bulk not-so-hot pinkxkcd bulk not green at allxkcd bulk not-as-pale bluexkcd bulk sky blue but notxkcd bulk she loves me notxkcd bulk not so navy bluexkcd bulk not so dark bluexkcd bulk not so dark greenxkcd bulk not so light bluexkcd bulk not so royal bluexkcd bulk not as light bluexkcd bulk not-so-light-bluexkcd bulk not-so-lime greenxkcd bulk not-so-light bluexkcd bulk not as dark greenxkcd bulk not-so-dark purplexkcd bulk not so bright bluexkcd bulk not as light greenxkcd bulk not-so-deep purplexkcd bulk not so bright pinkxkcd bulk not this one againxkcd bulk not-quite-hot pinkxkcd bulk not so dark purplexkcd bulk not-quite-sky-bluexkcd bulk not quite sky bluexkcd bulk forget me not bluexkcd bulk forget-me-not bluexkcd bulk not so light greenxkcd bulk forget-me-not blueISCC via not-so-satured bluexkcd bulk not-as-light yellowxkcd bulk not quite brick redxkcd bulk this is not a colorxkcd bulk not so bright greenxkcd bulk not quite dark bluexkcd bulk not that dark greenxkcd bulk not as light purplexkcd bulk not as bright greenxkcd bulk not found in naturexkcd bulk not quite navy bluexkcd bulk annottoMaerz & Paul arnottoMaerz & Paul blue (but not quite)xkcd bulk not quite royal bluexkcd bulk not-quite-lime greenxkcd bulk not quite neon greenxkcd bulk not quite lime greenxkcd bulk not quite mint greenxkcd bulk light red (not pink)xkcd bulk not-so-bright orangexkcd bulk not quite army greenxkcd bulk not quite ripe tomatoxkcd bulk not-quite-olive greenxkcd bulk not quite purple bluexkcd bulk not quite normal bluexkcd bulk not quite olive greenxkcd bulk not-quite-royal purplexkcd bulk seafoam green, but notxkcd bulk not quite forest greenxkcd bulk not quite electric bluexkcd bulk not quite barney purplexkcd bulk light purple, not lavenderxkcd bulk snot greenDolores Labs post-it notexkcd bulk post it notexkcd bulk pink but not hot pinkxkcd bulk head cold snotxkcd bulk light red but not pinkxkcd bulk not quite as light bluexkcd bulk weird blue but not bluexkcd bulk pale forget-me-not blueISCC via dark snot greenxkcd bulk pale snot greenxkcd bulk not-quite-so-bright bluexkcd bulk this is not a real colorxkcd bulk light forget-me-not blueISCC via 'nother blue onexkcd bulk light snot greenxkcd bulk not quite ripe lime greenxkcd bulk bright snot greenxkcd bulk stick note yellowxkcd bulk bright pink (but not neon)xkcd bulk this colour does not existxkcd bulk alarmingly not red nor pinkxkcd bulk dark pink, not quite purplexkcd bulk sticky note yellowxkcd bulk slightly not-as-bright greenxkcd bulk infected snot greenxkcd bulk light purple but not lavenderxkcd bulk radioactive snot greenxkcd bulk light (but not too light) bluexkcd bulk light but not too light purplexkcd bulk bright green but not quite limexkcd bulk post-it note bluexkcd bulk post it note greenxkcd bulk post-it note yellowxkcd bulk nothing comes to mindxkcd bulk notebook-paper-line bluexkcd bulk kawasaki (or snot) greenxkcd bulk snottyxkcd bulk anotherxkcd bulk annottoISCC via arnottoISCC via a lighter shade of blue but not light bluexkcd bulk pus-yellow or snot-yellowxkcd bulk snotgreenxkcd bulk blue with red in it, but not quite purplexkcd bulk it's like the forget-me-not of dark purplexkcd bulk lime green, the ugly kind not the food kindxkcd bulk flesh (crayola did it first this is not racism)xkcd bulk caramelised orange (with an 's' not a 'z' because i'm an aussie)xkcd bulk light blue (but not light enough to be sky blue)xkcd bulk kindagreybutnotquitexkcd bulk yellow-green not nearly ass ugly as the chartruese spinoffsxkcd bulk paleish green, but not as pale as the one i answered pale green toxkcd bulk another redxkcd bulk another limexkcd bulk another cyanxkcd bulk another aquaxkcd bulk snotty greenxkcd bulk another bluexkcd bulk another pinkxkcd bulk another tealxkcd bulk another mauvexkcd bulk another olivexkcd bulk another brownxkcd bulk another colorxkcd bulk another greenxkcd bulk snotty yellowxkcd bulk another purplexkcd bulk another orangexkcd bulk snotling greenxkcd bulk another violetxkcd bulk another yellowxkcd bulk another magentaxkcd bulk another fuchsiaxkcd bulk another turquoisexkcd bulk yet another pinkxkcd bulk yet another bluexkcd bulk another sky bluexkcd bulk another rose pinkxkcd bulk just another pinkxkcd bulk another damn bluexkcd bulk yet another greenxkcd bulk another baby poopxkcd bulk yet another colorxkcd bulk another icky greenxkcd bulk another dark greenxkcd bulk its another purplexkcd bulk another blue-greenxkcd bulk another ugly greenxkcd bulk another neon greenxkcd bulk yet another purplexkcd bulk another royal bluexkcd bulk another green/bluexkcd bulk another dull greenxkcd bulk another light bluexkcd bulk another damn greenxkcd bulk another blue againxkcd bulk still another greenxkcd bulk another darker bluexkcd bulk another green shadexkcd bulk another light greenxkcd bulk another bright greenxkcd bulk another light purplexkcd bulk another pastel greenxkcd bulk another yellowish greenxkcd bulk another different purplexkcd bulk another kind of bluexkcd bulk another type of bluexkcd bulk oh god, another bluexkcd bulk another type of greenxkcd bulk another kind of greenxkcd bulk another shade of pinkxkcd bulk another shade of tealxkcd bulk another shade of bluexkcd bulk another sort of purplexkcd bulk another shade of greenxkcd bulk yet another ugly greenxkcd bulk another kind of purplexkcd bulk yet another light greenxkcd bulk another shade of purplexkcd bulk another shade of lavenderxkcd bulk another ugly yellow-greenxkcd bulk do_not_know_the_wordxkcd bulk yet another shade of bluexkcd bulk yet another shade of greenxkcd bulk another shade of dark greenxkcd bulk yet another shade of purplexkcd bulk another shade of light bluexkcd bulk another blend between pink and purplexkcd bulk