Random picture

Info & utils

Functional stuff

  • PHPLatex - rendering LaTeX within web pages. (Made for the TeX reference mentioned above)
  • duppy - duplicate file finder.
    Status: almost released now.
  • Other stuff on github
    Status: convenient for me.


  • Morpheme decomposer - Explains that omphaloskepsis is the contemplation of one's navel.
    Status: I just wanted to see how insane building a regexp-based parser would be :)
  • colors - definitions from various sources, searchable.
    Status: shows colors. Now to do what I planned to do with this...
  • related strings - based on a feature I wrote for a search engine.
    Status: Needs more data, nom nom.

Works in progress

  • Image collector and experimeter - try everything from FFT to color analysis to image fingerprinting to edge tracing to play in a sandbox
    Status: ongoing timesuck :)
    I'll open up some useful tools from this sometime.
  • image screensaver, similar to the one in picasa, but tied into the above (easier to do query-based feeds).
    Status: needs packaging. Ask if interested.
  • Python animated compressed GIF creator
    Status: GIF logic mostly done, LZW compression mostly done. Needs integration and final cleansing rewrite.